About Us

Neiroh Sells ltd was made official in April 2022 but I have been doing this since 2020 without a business as a hobby. I started because I love anime and collecting merch for my favorite characters or series. I wanted to help out fellow collectors by importing merchandise, both new and secondhand, from Japan and get them to you at the best prices I can. 

I hope to continue this journey with you all into the future!



Our first in-person event: Nyancon 2022! 



A mini-event during the Colossalcon Prime 2023 flea market!


Our second event at Great Lakes Geek Fest.


Other conventions we have been at:

Zipcon 2024



Mascot Chibi: @OrangeeQueen on Twitter

Brand Logo Head Silhouette: @ganymedeVT on Twitter