In Stock vs Pre-Order

Neiroh Sells has both in stock and pre-order anime goods but what does that mean exactly? This is here to help you:


Pre-Order - Pre-Order items have a strict order deadline and will release at a later date. All items that are pre-orders will have a release date and expected arrival time. Since these items are coming from Japan directly, their arrival date will be slightly later than their release date since we get our goods in monthly shipments!

*Pre-orders are delayed all the time, if you do not receive a shipping notification when they are supposed to arrive, they are most likely delayed. Delay emails will be sent when possible but as there is one person running this shop, delays may get overlooked.
In Stock - These items are on hand and can be shipped out within my shipping timeframe! No waiting a few months or more to get these!

But what if I have  a Pre-Order item and an In Stock item in one order? Or two Pre-Order items with different dates?
If you combine Pre-Order and In Stock items, they will ship all at the same time when the Pre-Order item(s) arrive! If you order two Pre-Order items with separate arrival dates, they will ship together at the latest date!